Real Estate Investment

Since 2001, the members of Northpoint Capital Management have acquired approximately $120 million in real estate assets.  Below are services and information related to the investment activities of Northpoint.

Financial Report Services


Northpoint can provide detailed reports through our highly skilled and experienced senior managers. These include virtually any real estate report, valuation, or quantitative/qualitative analysis at competitive rates, quickly, and accurately.

Rental Evaluation:

Northpoint provides quick or in depth rental evaluations that detail both quantitative and qualitative factors affecting the market rental rates. These include a breakdown of empirical data detailing the estimated price per square foot per month.

Investment Proforma:

For institutional or private investors investigating any commercial or residential real estate asset, Northpoint can provide full a investment proforma.

Equity Valuation:

As experts in real estate finance, Northpoint can provide an evaluation of the equity an owner has in any real estate asset.

Capitalization Rate Calculation:

Northpoint provides capitalization rate calculations for owners interested in understanding how well their real estate asset performs in respect to other appropriate comparisons.

Profit & Loss Forecasting:

Northpoint can provide 12 month profit and loss forecasting through financial modeling and realistic operational experience in real estate asset management.

Property Tax Assessment:

Northpoint provides property tax assessment for owners who believe their county assessor does not accurately assign correct value to their real estate asset.

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Asset Managementgggg

Northpoint provides asset management services to clients whose needs exceed the level of property management.  Northpoint uses web-enabled technology to efficiently control information and progress of properties.

Re-Positioning and Supervision:

Northpoint’s hands-on management style attracts clients who don’t want any nonsense in dealing with tenants. We provide constant supervision of the property managers and their activities to ensure high performance and compliance.   Northpoint is an expert in re-positioning property.


We pay close attention to the profit and loss (operating) performance to creatively alter inefficient practices or uses of personnel, capital and/or material resources.


We are experts in the assembly of onsite management teams, in the identification of inexpensive but quality third-party vendors and contractors, and in the formation of policy and procedure particular to any residential property.


Northpoint will provide up-to-date economic research of the local and national market trends to allow the owner and asset manager to strategically assess the short and long-term yield potential of an individual property or a collective portfolio.


Northpoint stays in constant contact with the owner or representative(s) and provides monthly reports and photographs of the real estate asset.


Northpoint provides full accounting services, financial analysis and accurate tax reporting. Balance, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow, Rent Rolls, and other financial reports provided monthly to clients.

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Capital Management


Northpoint’s Private Equity Firm (“Northpoint Capital Management”) acts as General Partner in Real Estate Investment Funds providing Capital Management for Professional and Institutional Investors.

Minimum capital contributions to separate accounts for professional investors is $100,000.00 USD and for institutions $500,000.00 USD.

The Northpoint Investment Fund is designed to resonate with  investors who prefer stable, risk-adjusted returns as opposed to opportunistic funds accompanied by high volatility. Northpoint Capital Management has focused, direct experience with a strong track record of acquisition, disposition, operation, financial success (even during recessions) which provide confidence to fund managers looking for creditable and dependable investment vehicles. The fund is also non-traded; therefore, not subject to market volatility that accompanies publicly-traded REITs and other equities with a focus on real estate.

Since 2001, the members of Northpoint Capital Management have acquired approximately $120 million in real estate assets.


Northpoint Capital Management operates conservative Real Estate Investment Funds. Northpoint’s first fund (“Najasic”) utilized low leverage for core residential assets. Northpoint’s second fund focuses on debt instruments that provide leverage a low rates. The performance of the buildings in the second fund stand on their own without incurring expensive debt or unfeasible loan products from lenders. Simple equity on core, income-producing assets is the power behind Northpoint’s financial plan.  Additionally, Northpoint aims to reduce operating costs by optimizing the financial performance through competitive fees structures, cost-effective operating procedures, and a creative focus on space utlity that enhances value.


Northpoint’s current Fund is focused on one asset class: Multi-family apartment communities. No exceptions. While diversification across several property types and classes may smooth performance, it also invites exposure to under performing assets that react more swiftly to economic hardship. Northpoint believes that multi-family communities, specifically B class communities and locations, represent a stable investment in the real estate asset industry. By focusing on one asset class Northpoint maximizes its expertise as it strives to become best-in-class.


Successful real estate investing requires the dynamic ability to understand and execute the higher-level, analytical decision making as well as the ground-level “get your hands dirty” local market property management. Northpoint controls both of these dramatically different capabilities; which is uncommon in real estate. There are few that can demonstrate a strong track record of success in real estate investment decisions and provide an internal (non vendor) national management platform with the level of professional detail and strength that Northpoint possesses.

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