Northpoint enters new markets in Austin, Cincinnati, and Raleigh
Northpoint enters new markets in Austin, Cincinnati, and Raleigh

Northpoint Asset Management, Inc. (“Northpoint”) established new locations in three US markets during the first two-quarters of 2017. With the aid of Northpoint’s Brokers in Texas, Ohio, and North Carolina, as well as its Regional Management committee, the new locations were set up and put into operation. Jenna Poche, a Regional Manager for Northpoint, has taken the lead in Austin, Texas to supervise the business aspect of the office. “I think Austin is a perfect fit for the services and investments that Northpoint engages, we’ve already entered Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth and done very well, so why not Austin?” said Jenna.

Scott G. Olson, the Broker, and EVP of Northpoint has engaged in developing the policy and procedures for real estate practices in Texas for almost a decade. Patrick Monaghan, who was recently promoted to the Executive Committee of Northpoint, has taken the lead for the new Raleigh, North Carolina location. With the help of Ambra Goins, who is a native to Cincinnati, and under the direction of the Broker, Kurt Lehmkuhl, Northpoint has endeavored to expand the market presence in Ohio. All of these represent Northpoint’s on-going commitment to expand into new territories, promote from within, and enhance the Northpoint brand nationwide.

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